Here is a behind the scenes look at our shoot with Ashley. This is a shoot we have been trying to do for a while now. I really only had one photo in mind for inspiration and it just grew from there.

Our hairstylist for the shoot was Jacque. It was my first time working with her and I was so happy she could join our shoot. Really excited to have met her and she did a great job! Find her on instagram at @jacquetreat 

Our makeup artist was Kayla! I've worked with her a couple times before and really love working with her! Find her on instagram @kaylakollection 

I realized something kind of silly this day. I've had my thoughts on focusing on submitting to magazines lately and wondered why I never did it when I was in school. I realized a lot of the time I think of one or two random concepts but they never make up a whole fashion story. So, as of late, that is my main focus. We were going to do two random concepts for this shoot but then last minute i realized we need to create a beauty story. We originally were going to call it "Sepia" because there were a lot of redding brown tones but since its spring i added more pinkish tones in editing so i decided to call it "BLUSH". I had this great light brown seamless that I had yet to use and thought her skin and hair color would look good on it. We decided to change up the hair and makeup slightly for each look. I didn't want to go overboard on the makeup because Ashely is so beautiful without it, so we choose to do really natural colors. 

I didn't make a mood board for this shoot but i had one photo that was out driving inspiration. It ended up very different from what we planned but I was thrilled. 

Here is that photo: 

Here are the lovely ladies working their magic on our gorgeous model! 

Here are the final images! 

I really wanted to submit this set, and thats why i waited so long to share it but i only got around to submitting to two larger magazines and didn't get selected, next time ill try some smaller magazines. On the bright side Capitol Hill Rudys Barber shop shared our photo because thats where Jacque works, so that was cool! 



BTS of Kylie from TCM models with April Staso

Hello guys!

Heres some behind the scenes of my shoot with Kylie from TCM models, Sarah on hair and makeup, and Raychel styling. It was our first time working with Raychel and we were all really excited! 

You can find Raychel on instagram at @ray.bay.bay and Sarah @sarahmua411

Clothing credits and special thinks to the designers and stores for letting Raychel pull for the shoot!

Print Jacket, black top and black skirt- Silvae find her on instagram at

Green Sweater- Obey

Green pleated skirt- Zara

Jeans - Kohz

Unfortunately the shoot was accidentally scheduled on Valentines day without me realizing it but everyone was willing to make it work anyway. Raychel's schedule got switched around and ended up only being able to stay for an hour so we really hustled through the first 3 looks she brought and that was definitely a first. I guess our 2 hour shoot with Amrine a few weeks before was just a test run for this ;) 

Here is our original moodboard for the shoot, although it changed quite a bit. I had originally thought we could go outside but the weather ended up being gloomy and so I had a backup plan for the studio, which is what we ended up doing. I have enough room in my apartment to sent up my own little studio space, so I usually take over the living room and do that! I also wanted to do a composite with a plate image I got from Hawaii, but I ended up liking what we got as it was for now. 

After Raychel took off we had time to do the beauty part of our shoot. We got to take our time this time and play around a little. We even got some unplanned video footage, which I was really excited about and put together a short little video that you can see below! 

We wanted to do something with fake freckles because they are really in right now and I thought silver would be a good with her blonde hair. 

Here is the original moodboard, it turned out so much better than I imagined it would. Last minute I thought to use the mirrors I've had laying around and this prism I've been wanting to play with. I couldn't find the silver bomber jacket i originally thought i would use and instead found this silver shirt which i think turned out just fine. 



Pool Shoot with Jessica from TCM models

Before I can share some of my recent shoots, I am gonna share a behind the scenes from a shoot I did last spring. I was still in the photography program at the time. It was early March or April.

Here in Seattle, when the sun comes out we all flock out in the sun as if it were 70-80 degrees, but in reality its more like 60 degrees. Which is funny to me because I grew up in Arizona and our winter was 60 degrees and had us wearing gloves. Either way, this day was one of those days. We thought it was warm enough to do a pool shoot, but unfortunately the water was probably below freezing so we didnt really get any water shots. It had been covered all winter until we came. 

The makeup artist for this shoot was one of my favorite ladies to work with. She is amazing! Her name is Heidy. You can find her on instagram at @always_heidymua 

Our model was the beautiful Jessica from TCM models. 

When I was in the photography program we had a class where every week we submitted an image and we all voted on the best one of the week. Every week we all tried so hard- we were all very competitive. I tried and tired every week- one week I came in second to a kid in my class who does CGI stuff, then finally  during one of the last weeks I won with one of the images from this shoot. So that was exciting. 


In school I was styling all my shoots myself. But unlike clothing, you cant really return a bathing suit so I left it up to Jessica to bring a few items from home, luckily she brought some good stuff! 


Here is our moodboard | Inspiration for the shoot : 

Here are a few iphone BTS photos I had. 


Heidy working her magic! 

I'm hard at work while Jasmine is getting Behind the Scenes footage.

Jasmine- the umbrella with feet. haha. We were using her Profoto B1 light, by the way, which is so much better than using my speedlight on location. I'm saving up to get one for my on location shoots! 

A friend from class always offered to help on my shoots and I asked her to come and do some BTS stuff since she loves to do video. So I made a video with some of that footage! You can find my friend and fellow photographer Jasmine on instagram at @jpikakephoto 

Here are some of the final images from the shoot! 

Best Image 

By the way, I asked the model to get in the pool once for like 5 minutes or less and after she left I got in to feel it out and man o man was it cold! It was the coldest water I've ever swam in. I'm so sorry I asked her! She was a trooper tho! 

Special thanks to my good friend Liz for getting her grandmas permission for us to use her pool and my boyfriend tim for coming out and assisting. 

BTS of Amrine from SMG models with April Staso

Well its 2016, I think its about time I start a blog! I could never really think of what to blog about. I have always liked writing but I wouldn't say I am good at. I always love seeing other photographers behind the scenes stuff, so I thought, hey that might be cool to start doing a blog with more in depth behind the scenes from my shoots. So here it is! 

This post will be all about my shoot with Amrine from SMG models and Sarah. 

This is Sarah, our makeup artist for this shoot. She's always up for doing something fun to add to our portfolios, so I love working with her!  You can find her on instagram at @sarahmua411

All of my work usually contains a lot of brighter colors, and so I wanted to do something with more "natural" deeper colors and a more wintery outfit. I was inspired by a shoot I saw by Lara Jade on this brick background and wanted to do something similar. Before I went out shopping for the shoot I looked at Zara's website. I found this particular look I thought would be perfect for the brick background: a deep red coat, black pants, and a black turtle neck. Believe it or not, for January, it was surprisingly hard to find a turtle neck top. I ended up finding one at Nordstroms but it was sleeveless. haha! I couldn't find the exact jacket I had seen online, but I found one similar with -again- no sleeves. Is sleeveless in winter a thing right now? When I was in Old Navy looking for a turtle neck shirt I found a cool blue and cream jacket so I just grabbed that to have some more options for our shoot. I had the idea to get some fabric from Joann Fabrics to use on the background for a graphic shape in the background to play off the graphic shapes on the coat. Sarah and I also wanted to do some beauty stuff so I got a purple fabric for a background and she brought some fun props for Amrine to hold. 

My boyfriend, Tim, asked for a Gopro for christmas and I saw another photographer who did a first person shooter video and thought that might be cool so I strapped it onto the camera and quickly made a behind the scenes video you can see below! I wasn't super impressed with the quality of the footage so in my next post I tried using 4k video!

We only had 2 hours to do hair and makeup and all 4 of these looks. I was pretty proud of myself, but little did I know it was just practice for my next shoot which you'll hear about in my next blog post!

As far as equipment goes, whenever I'm on location I usually use my speedlight on a light stand with an umbrella only because I have yet to get a battery back for my Bowens lights. For my beauty shots as you can see in my behind the scenes I used my Bowen's light with an umbrella with the diffusion over it and a reflector on her lap for fill light under chin. 

Here is a typical moodboard I'll make before the shoot just to give everyone an idea of what we'll be doing. 


Some behind the scenes images! 

Here are the final images.