BTS of Kylie from TCM models with April Staso

Hello guys!

Heres some behind the scenes of my shoot with Kylie from TCM models, Sarah on hair and makeup, and Raychel styling. It was our first time working with Raychel and we were all really excited! 

You can find Raychel on instagram at @ray.bay.bay and Sarah @sarahmua411

Clothing credits and special thinks to the designers and stores for letting Raychel pull for the shoot!

Print Jacket, black top and black skirt- Silvae find her on instagram at

Green Sweater- Obey

Green pleated skirt- Zara

Jeans - Kohz

Unfortunately the shoot was accidentally scheduled on Valentines day without me realizing it but everyone was willing to make it work anyway. Raychel's schedule got switched around and ended up only being able to stay for an hour so we really hustled through the first 3 looks she brought and that was definitely a first. I guess our 2 hour shoot with Amrine a few weeks before was just a test run for this ;) 

Here is our original moodboard for the shoot, although it changed quite a bit. I had originally thought we could go outside but the weather ended up being gloomy and so I had a backup plan for the studio, which is what we ended up doing. I have enough room in my apartment to sent up my own little studio space, so I usually take over the living room and do that! I also wanted to do a composite with a plate image I got from Hawaii, but I ended up liking what we got as it was for now. 

After Raychel took off we had time to do the beauty part of our shoot. We got to take our time this time and play around a little. We even got some unplanned video footage, which I was really excited about and put together a short little video that you can see below! 

We wanted to do something with fake freckles because they are really in right now and I thought silver would be a good with her blonde hair. 

Here is the original moodboard, it turned out so much better than I imagined it would. Last minute I thought to use the mirrors I've had laying around and this prism I've been wanting to play with. I couldn't find the silver bomber jacket i originally thought i would use and instead found this silver shirt which i think turned out just fine.