Here is a behind the scenes look at our shoot with Ashley. This is a shoot we have been trying to do for a while now. I really only had one photo in mind for inspiration and it just grew from there.

Our hairstylist for the shoot was Jacque. It was my first time working with her and I was so happy she could join our shoot. Really excited to have met her and she did a great job! Find her on instagram at @jacquetreat 

Our makeup artist was Kayla! I've worked with her a couple times before and really love working with her! Find her on instagram @kaylakollection 

I realized something kind of silly this day. I've had my thoughts on focusing on submitting to magazines lately and wondered why I never did it when I was in school. I realized a lot of the time I think of one or two random concepts but they never make up a whole fashion story. So, as of late, that is my main focus. We were going to do two random concepts for this shoot but then last minute i realized we need to create a beauty story. We originally were going to call it "Sepia" because there were a lot of redding brown tones but since its spring i added more pinkish tones in editing so i decided to call it "BLUSH". I had this great light brown seamless that I had yet to use and thought her skin and hair color would look good on it. We decided to change up the hair and makeup slightly for each look. I didn't want to go overboard on the makeup because Ashely is so beautiful without it, so we choose to do really natural colors. 

I didn't make a mood board for this shoot but i had one photo that was out driving inspiration. It ended up very different from what we planned but I was thrilled. 

Here is that photo: 

Here are the lovely ladies working their magic on our gorgeous model! 

Here are the final images! 

I really wanted to submit this set, and thats why i waited so long to share it but i only got around to submitting to two larger magazines and didn't get selected, next time ill try some smaller magazines. On the bright side Capitol Hill Rudys Barber shop shared our photo because thats where Jacque works, so that was cool!